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50 / 850
I'm not very familiar with commission, but I'll try:

:bulletblue: Pencil non-colored drawings

- Portraits 10 :points: (I'm really improving with portraits, even if I don't usually post them because they're too large to scan, and I'm quite fast at doing them)

- Half or full figure character 5 :points:

- One or more characters with perspective background 8 :points:

- Comic page (you give me the story and I do it!) 7 :points:

:bulletgreen: Drawings colored with pencils

- Half or full figure character 6 :points:

- One or more chracters with background 10 :points:

- Comic page 8 :points:

:bulletorange: Digital drawings

- Face (like this…) 10 :points:

- Half or full figure character 9 :points:

- One or more character with background (this takes a lot of time...:nuu:) 12 :points:

If you want me to do a portrait or draw as a character a real person I need a photo. Try to explain the best you can what you want, and I'll do my best to do something that you'll like.

If you're interested just note me :D

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    Donated Dec 5, 2012, 8:47:46 AM
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    Donated Aug 24, 2012, 8:32:08 AM


B/W Comic Page
:bulletblue: Like this -->
:bulletblue: For something like this -->
:bulletorange: For something like this --> (this takes more time)


Winter OCs by Kiky97
Winter OCs
Yeesss, I was to lazy to find a clever title :D Brand new OCs, I hope I'll get to give them a proper story (it's mostly in my head, but as usual I have to wait till I have time, so I gotta hope my enthusiasm doesn't cool off before then).
Their names are Lynn Warren and Tom Dawley, but I might decide to change them in the future.

The drawing is completely digital, done with manga studio and a cintiq.
Hynieon Sarmshell by Kiky97
Hynieon Sarmshell
First, sorry about the quality but it's a photo since I couldn't scan it.

This is a new OC, a young alien who works on a small planet which is basically like a big archive of things, lost things coming from all the universe. Now I could write the entire story here but I don't think it would give it justice and anyway I'm planning to make a comic out of it so eventually you'll see it. I hope :D
Rain by Kiky97
Another artwork done in the rush of 'OMGnowIhaveacintiqIloveit', with manga studio (bless the ruler :D ). I realized it's my first actual attempt at drawing the rain so I think it's decent enough
Raincoats by Kiky97
Operation 'let's refresh my dA page' is officially in progress! Oh, well...

This was inspired by a woman with her daughter I actually met on my way to school a couple of weeks ago, I liked a lot the coats and yayyy! long legs. And I was waaay too lazy to draw a proper background :D

Done in manga studio 5ex and a cintiq companion hybrid
Nurse by Kiky97
Oooook. Well. I haven't been around for a looooong time. Guess between high school, art school and everything I just got too busy and let my dA account go. But hey, I didn't stop drawing!

So, this is one of my very first try with my new cintiq companion hybrid (which I do LOVE), and also my first attempt at coloring with manga studio's watercolors. I did it really quickly, but I'm still quite satisfied with the result ^-^
I've been listening to Carpet Crawlers about thirty time now. My God, how good is it? :love:
Genesis' song are just epic!

We've got to get in to get out...
  • Mood: Lazy
  • Listening to: Genesis - The Carpet Crawlers
  • Reading: Luigi Pirandello - Novels for a Year
  • Watching: Pride & Prejudice (BBC 1995)
  • Playing: The Lost Vikings
  • Eating: Gnocchi alla valdostana

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Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: Drawing
Favourite cartoon character: Detective Conan, Lupo Alberto

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Contact me ----> <-----

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